A selection of Midwest Dispatches

In East Chicago, Knowing Your Soil Is Toxic Is Only Half the Battle” Because it can take years before the government does anything about it. May 2017

Manure is Spilling and Seeping into Wisconsin’s Waters and Wells” As the state’s dairy farms get bigger, cow poop is polluting Lake Michigan and people’s drinking water. November 2016

Who Pays for Mine Cleanup when Big Coal Goes Bankrupt?” Peabody Energy’s recent filing could change how the country funds mining messes. June 2016

One of the Worst Places for a Pipeline? Under the Great Lakes” The strong, erratic currents of the Straits of Mackinac could make an oil spill disastrous for two lakes and a whole lot of coastline. May 2016

Drinking In the Heavy Metal” Thanks to the Flint water crisis, the city’s kids could experience terrible, long-lasting consequences from lead exposure. February 2016

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A selection of more stories

In Chicago, Controlled Fires Are Helping to Restore Crucial Bird Habitat” The burns, conducted by Audubon Great Lakes and others, stave off invasive plants while spurring new growth at sites across the region. Audubon, Summer 2017

8 Medical Inventions Created by NursesMental Floss, May 2017

Could power plant waste help cut water pollution?” Sciencemag.org, November 2016

The Most Important Bird Law in the Country Needs an Overhaul” One of our oldest bird regulations is due for an update—and the sooner the better. Audubon, Fall 2016

Amid budget fight, Illinois State Museum prepares to close” Sciencemag.org, September 2015

Looks Fishy, Tastes Fishy. But Where’s the Fish?” Science Friday.com, July 2015

Nail Biting May Arise Through Perfectionism” Far more than a nervous habit, body-focused repetitive behaviors may be a response to boredom and frustration. Scientific American Mind, June 2015

Tanked: Killer Whales in Captivity” A new study shows that killer whales kept for show live shorter lives than those that swim free. Hakai, May 2015

Could Memory Traces Exist in Cell Bodies?” The long-held belief that memories are stored at synapses—the junctions between cells—may not be the full story. Scientific American Mind, April 2015

When Eating Dairy Was a Life-or-Death Question” Nautilus blog, September 2014

A Nature Preschool Enhances Early Childhood Brain Development” An exciting nature-based curriculum for preschoolers developed at the Schlitz Center in Wisconsin is spreading to classrooms across the country–and even to Sesame Street. Audubon, January 2012

Urban Farms Sprout Across the Country” Gray asphalt and abandoned lots in cities are being turned into farms as urban dwellers grow fruits and vegetables in the shadow of skyscrapers. Audubon, March 2011

Over the Rainbow” Deep in Peru’s Amazon, visitors on a storied steamboat discover a bounty of colorful wildlife, from pink dolphins and scarlet macaws to giant river otters and black caimans. Audubon, July 2010

Band of Brothers” Not even a tragic accident could derail two young men’s inspiring project to study one of North America’s least-understood birds. Audubon, May 2010